2019: May the “FU” be with you


环视了一圈,目光落在了爵爷的Tie Adv-x1上。闭上眼努力回想,竟然已经想不起来大约是在什么时候开始做的了。在农历旧岁的最后几点,消灭一个堆积来喜迎新春,是一件蛮有仪式感的事情。想到这里,心理不禁就来了斗志,赶紧摆上龙套和各种家伙什儿,煮上一壶咖啡下肚提神。开工!




Bandai StarWars AT-ST with diorama

The AT-ST had been finished 1-2 months before I finally got some time to make the diorama. It was a long time waiting, some of the material that I prepared for the diorama even went moldy during this time, so I was unable to put everything in this diorama, what a pity.

Anyway, this is my first try, all the data will be stored and reviewed. All the experience will finally turn into the upgrade, in the future. At least, I hope so, 🙂

The final version.

Some pictures taken before the final adjustment.