Another Tie Fighter

This one is still the Bandai Starwars 1/72 Tie fighter. On this one, I tried something new:

1. using silver as one of the base layers. This method brings a nice look to the wings, which shows a mixture of gloss of metal and faded paint.

2. bring contrast by using different types of color(cold and warm, dark and bright)

3. doing wash and filter with different color( to make different layers of color)

4. trying the transparent color


Here is the outcome.







Bandai RG MS-06S Zaku II

This is my very first Bandai model. I finished the assembling of this RG Zaku-II earlier than the AT-ST and the Tie fighter. However, the painting was done months later.

Actually, at the very beginning, I even had the thought that leave the model as it initial assembled status. The finish of the painting of the AT-ST gave me some courage and made me had an idea of what a robot could look like. So, the painting was proceed weeks after the AT-ST.

I used a new way to paint this one. Using black primer as the base, I used tiny red spots to cover the surface of the armor gradually from the center to the edge, which gave a good looking contrast of the highlight and the shade, and also made the edges of the armor more conspicuous. Moreover, the black base also made the metal effect more eye-catching.



Bloodlust Tyrant with name board

The design of the name board gives the feeling of the stone carving. 

With some modification on the edge, the name board now shows more reality and interests. 

After pasting the name board on the base of the model, the name board adds a tasteful and distinctive identity to the final work. 

Bandai StarWars AT-ST with diorama

The AT-ST had been finished 1-2 months before I finally got some time to make the diorama. It was a long time waiting, some of the material that I prepared for the diorama even went moldy during this time, so I was unable to put everything in this diorama, what a pity.

Anyway, this is my first try, all the data will be stored and reviewed. All the experience will finally turn into the upgrade, in the future. At least, I hope so, 🙂

The final version.

Some pictures taken before the final adjustment.

2014年 比例模型


因为几乎全部是起始阶段,因此还有很大的改进空间,在真正开始求变化前,还有很长路要走,主要是基本功不行,一是做不出心中的样子,二是不稳定。特别是绘画相关的技能,太欠缺了。在做刺蛇的时候,几乎是“胡乱一气”。对明暗,纹理,质感全都是瞎搞,没有章法。看了AV 脸部涂装示范后,才稍微有了些概念。这部分跟油画画法很相似,需要上网学习一下。


颜料的使用,算是突变了。从一水儿的田水,几乎马上过渡到全AV。无毒无味确实是好。打算把田水喷完,开始跟进model air。喷笔也鸟枪换炮,到达stage1 的终极形态 田宫HG。我想在model air没有上奇之前,应该不会换笔。



2014 很充实!