Another Tie Fighter

This one is still the Bandai Starwars 1/72 Tie fighter. On this one, I tried something new:

1. using silver as one of the base layers. This method brings a nice look to the wings, which shows a mixture of gloss of metal and faded paint.

2. bring contrast by using different types of color(cold and warm, dark and bright)

3. doing wash and filter with different color( to make different layers of color)

4. trying the transparent color


Here is the outcome.







Bloodlust Tyrant with name board

The design of the name board gives the feeling of the stone carving. 

With some modification on the edge, the name board now shows more reality and interests. 

After pasting the name board on the base of the model, the name board adds a tasteful and distinctive identity to the final work. 

Bandai StarWars AT-ST with diorama

The AT-ST had been finished 1-2 months before I finally got some time to make the diorama. It was a long time waiting, some of the material that I prepared for the diorama even went moldy during this time, so I was unable to put everything in this diorama, what a pity.

Anyway, this is my first try, all the data will be stored and reviewed. All the experience will finally turn into the upgrade, in the future. At least, I hope so, 🙂

The final version.

Some pictures taken before the final adjustment.



Bloodlust Tyrant


Bandai 1/48 Star Wars AT-ST 

一个极其极其偶然的机会,在你管子上看了万代这套组件的评测,顿时震惊了。于是,没话说。在Sci-Fi模型这个领域,万代的细节和组合度真是不得不佩服。甚至让我产生了把整套星战全收下来的冲动;另一个冲动是把星战重温了一遍,最早接触星战还大约是中学左右,我觉得Lucasart在星战中的各种模型设计给我了很大的影响,X-Wing,Tie fighter,AT-AT,AT-ST,千年隼,都是经典设计。

Bandai 1/72 Tie Fighter






1. AT-ST的地台做好

2. RG Zaku做好了已经又全拆了,打算喷一下

3. AFV的T34-85或者龙的II号看时间和心情,消灭一个


明年要消灭现有的堆积:密集阵、38T、4号工程,一定一定的,再入一个诡异科幻题材的GK,异形?铁血战士?黄油球?没有挑战就没有进步 ;)