When the window is off screen…..

It happens sometime that  the application window goes off screen. And the situation is pretty annoying since all the usual method will not pull the window back to the screen.

But as long as you can see the window, i.e. at least, the edge of the window, the following trick may help you to bring it back to your desktop:

  1. move the mouse to the edge of the window, horizontal or vertical edge will do. By doing so, you will the see the pointer of the mouse changed to the horizontal or vertical adjust mode.
  2. If you place the mouse on the horizontal edge, then, press the left button. BUT, rather than move the move up and down to adjust the height of the window, you move the mouse horizontally.
  3. When you see the window start to move,  keep the left mouse button pressed, and move the mouse in any direction, the window will now move with your mouse. And now, pull it back to the screen
  4. Similarly, if you placed the mouse on the vertical edge, press the left button and move vertically first, after the window starting to move with your mouse, you are free to move it to any place you want.

There is another alternative:

  1. move the mouse to one of the 4 corners of the window. You will see the pointer of the mouse changed to scaling adjust mode;
  2. press the Option key, and press the left mouse button. Then move you mouse.
  3. The window should scale in all directions with your mouse now.
  4. Scale the window size, until you can see the title bar of the window. Done.

Now, go on enjoying your life with Mac, 😛


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