Bandai RG MS-06S Zaku II

This is my very first Bandai model. I finished the assembling of this RG Zaku-II earlier than the AT-ST and the Tie fighter. However, the painting was done months later.

Actually, at the very beginning, I even had the thought that leave the model as it initial assembled status. The finish of the painting of the AT-ST gave me some courage and made me had an idea of what a robot could look like. So, the painting was proceed weeks after the AT-ST.

I used a new way to paint this one. Using black primer as the base, I used tiny red spots to cover the surface of the armor gradually from the center to the edge, which gave a good looking contrast of the highlight and the shade, and also made the edges of the armor more conspicuous. Moreover, the black base also made the metal effect more eye-catching.




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